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April 26, 2010


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Nice work, Candy. Amazing that you were able to stay ahead of the pack behind you for over 2 miles, especially given that it was half downhill, and half into the wind, both of which even more strongly favor the pack skaters. Very well done.

And I can't say enough good about the Flyers. They show up to work hard, have fun, support skating, and all that good stuff. I'm sure other teams do the same - It's just that I see them more.

For a view from farther back in the pack, people can read my report over at skatelogforum.

Thanks Bill! Great report and I'm glad you had a good time at the race last weekend.

Good race Candy, and good to finally meet you!

Btw, the "unrelenting Texas heat" - was what we call a cool spring day!

Of course, we would also call a 40 degree day "an unrelenting cold snap". Brr!

LOL yesterday it was around 80F in Toronto with a bit of humidity from the impending storm. I was already grumpy about the humidity (the tile floor felt damp and my granola turned chewy rather than crispy). Gopherfan looked at me and was like "you call this humid?! you wouldn't survive in Virginia". To that I replied "I am so not going to Virginia in the summer".

This Canadian is already missing winter and dry weather!

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